Peter Pan would feel right at home in Zu Online, a free-to-play game from IGG that allows characters, at higher levels, to fly. The developers have been eager to point out the benefits of this form of travel and have released a press release and screenshots highlighting the joys of flying in Zu Online. While you're at it, check out some of the sights you might see on your journeys, with these Icy Fairyland Screenshots and Death World Screenshots from Ten Ton Hammer!

Zu Online: Flying Feature

Those who play Zu Online ( know that flight is THE symbol of power and status in Zu world. It's no wonder so many newbie players are eager to hop on their sword and jump off Zu mountain.

Now, the Zu Online team is going to give those players who haven't experienced flying in Zu world some ideas about what our acclaimed flight system is like.

Swordsmen?handsome immortals who have no trouble with the girls. However, don't mistake this fierce warrior for a playboy. He has a holy sword which can take him anywhere he likes in the blink of an eye. The deafening sound caused by wind as the sword knifes through the chill air is something to behold. If someone were standing on the ground and looking up, it would look like a falling star.

Bead Fairy?a gorgeous beauty who always has the sweetest smile on her face rides light, fluffy clouds. Sometimes caught singing while flying, she makes gliding through the skies look easy.

Moonmaidens, as their name implies, are elegant, cold women. Their preferred method of flight is a band of perfectly controlled energy that wraps around their slim figures. Everything about their flight is smooth, controlledÂ…perfect.

Sun Warriors, at first sight, some may think that such a large body perched on such a flimsy and ethereal thing looks a bit awkward. However, what they ride is a flaming dragon. Stepping onto the head of the flaming dragon gives them the look of a God, powerful and majestic. Evil monsters shy away after only a glimpse of their magnificence.

Summoners, masters of magic and sorcery, who can summon powerful creatures from hell to do their bidding. What they ride is a giant bird that flies as fast as the wind. No one knows where the bird came from, but rumors swirl that it was created from the very essence of the fierce wind that whips through the valleys between the mountains.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016