The Ten Ton Hammer Best of 2012 Awards

Posted Tue, Dec 18, 2012 by Sardu

Looking back at the past twelve months in online gaming has become an annual holiday tradition for the team at Ten Ton Hammer. While many families gather to decorate trees, consume liberal amounts of eggnog, or squint sideways at one another, our family enjoys nothing more than busting out our time machines to take a virtual trip down memory lane.

At first glance, 2012 has been an offbeat, but nonetheless eclectic year for the gaming industry. The console world continues to hold its collective breath, waiting for next generation hardware to finally become a reality. As a result, indie gaming is once again on the rise, and the concept of online gaming has grown to encompass an even bigger chunk of the mobile market. And let's not forget the mountain of new gaming projects that continue popping up on Kickstarter at a steady pace.

When it comes to major MMO launches and expansions, 2012 has shown us that diversity can be a very good thing indeed. Settings, combat systems, and even business models have all gone under the microscope with many of the newest releases. The net result has been another stellar year for MMO gamers.

What follows are Ten Ton Hammer's top picks for 2012; those titles that sparkled so brightly as to be worthy of receiving one of our highly coveted Best of 2012 awards. You won't find any glad-handing here (yes, we're looking at you VGAs) -- each award was granted based on the knowledgeable opinions of our expert staff, most of whom have been deeply involved in the MMO industry since its initial inception.

So join us as we take a look back at the best of the best that online gaming has had to offer us over the past year. Not only do we look forward to hearing your opinions on our picks in the comments, but you can also make your voice heard in our poll for the Most Anticipated Game of 2013. And if you're feeling truly adventurous, be sure to check out our first annual Addon Awards, where we give props to the hard work done by some of the most dedicated gamers around.

MAHAHAHAHA, how much did Turbine pay you to say what you said... Mounted combat is a joke... Im a veteran player of Lord Of The RIngs, and the game is in worse shape than it ever has been... I have been playing since day 1... The community is starting to turn into World Of Warcrafts community.. The game is laggy, Mounted Combat is broke, You Rubberband all over the place, due to the servers not being able to keep up with our clients, at least this is what we have to assume, since Turbine wont give us an official statement on whats going on.. raids are broken.. HEAVY IN YOUR FACE MONITIZATION Im sorry, go read the forums if you dont belive me. You will see for yourself.

Even though the mounted combat is cool I have to say Storm Legion brought so much more to the table.Trion is actually surpassing many people's expectation's with this xpac,it's hard to do that in today's mmo climate.Confused at the choice.

This sounds more like an editorial page than results from an actual contest.

There is far more "right" with the Riders of Rohan expansion than there are problems, and to the person who posted about rubberbanding and other issues, I can only say that I certainly haven't experienced them (and yes, I have been playing for a very long time). Futhermore, the LOTRO community remains the most mature-minded player base of any MMO out there. Sure, there are people who are annoying, exploitive, or just down right idiots but if you want to see just how bad it gets in open chat, feel free to log into any other game; LOTRO players as a rule are far more positive and polite. Also, the developers and community liaisons have worked hard to keep players updated with the status of bugs and the general direction in which they're heading...moreso than in any other games I've played.

The short of it: RoR was a massive undertaking and while there remains some tweaking to be done, the devs have done a fantastic job. Any Tolkein fan - any game fan can appreciate their work by experiencing the high level of immersion and great attention to detail in this expansion as is.

The community is starting to turn into World Of Warcrafts community. Is it not?

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