Black Gold Online Heads to Alpha

Steampunk fantasy MMORPG Black Gold starts alpha testing today and there will be an NDA.

Closed alpha testing for Snail Games upcoming steampunk fantasy MMORPG, Black Gold Online, is scheduled to get underway today at 2PM PT. This phase of alpha testing will include an NDA, so the usual restrictions apply to discussing, streaming, or sharing videos or screenshots.

Alpha testers will have a chance to play through several of the MMORPGÂ’s quests, pick from eight different classes for five factions, craft construct vehicles, fight in open-world PvP, and engage in faction-based PvP battlegrounds. As with all alpha tests, expect bugs...lots and lots of bugs.

If you would like to take part in the alpha, you can get your name in the potential tester pool by signing up on the Black Gold website.

Source: Snail Games Press Release

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