New Battlestar Galactica Online Update Adds New PvP Options and Star Systems

Posted Thu, Jun 30, 2011 by Martuk

Battlestar Galactica Online (BSGO) has added a new update this week that gives players the option to challenge other players to a private 1v1 instanced PvP ranked match or duel. The game's matchmaking system will help pair players of similar ship size and skill levels. Players can compete to earn a spot on the top 100 server Top Gun rankings.

Additionally, the update also includes two new star systems in the Veil sector: Nilfhel and Muspell, which contains high-level NPC squadrons for players to conquer. Players will also start to see PvP notifications and blockade warnings on the star systems. A full list of the official patch notes can be found on the BSGO Facebook page.


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