Undead Labs Talks Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in New Q&A

Undead Labs has returned with a new Q&A to help you avoid becoming the main course at a zombie buffet.
It’s not easy surviving a zombie apocalypse. And the first good rule to zombie survival is to get all of your questions answered before the walking dead make a juicy meal out of your neighbors and head to your house for desert.

Undead Labs' upcoming zombie titles Class3, a cooperative online shooter and Class4, an open-world online multiplayer game, will throw players into the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Recently Team Zed over at Undead Labs put together a new Q&A to answer several questions from would-be zombie survivalists and serve up some new details about travel, storage space and the many challenges to survive in their upcoming zombie-based world.

The noise that you make will attract zombies. We won’t be modeling the sound from individual shards of glass, but moving slowly is quieter than moving fast, and what you have with you and what you’re walking on may also be a factor. Noise management will be one of many tactical decisions players will need to make from moment to moment.

Check out the full Q&A on the Undead Labs website.

Still itching for more flesh-eating details? Check out our interview with Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain.

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