Champions Online Launches Penthouse Hideouts and New King of the Hill PvP Mode

Champions Online gets new Penthouse Hideout options and a King of the Hill PvP mode.

Cryptic Studios has added a couple of new things to Champions Online this week. If your hero has been feeling a little cramped in their Mom’s Basement Hideout, you can now upgrade to the Luxury and Loft Penthouse Hideouts via the C-Store. You can also get any Phase 1-5 Hideouts in the C-Store for 50% through September 19th, 2011.

Once you’re done lounging around your Hideout there’s a new PvP mode that you can join in on with King of the Hill. The new mode takes place in the heart of Vibora Bay and puts two teams of players against each other to fight for control of mausoleum fountain.

Players can queue up for Archetype or Unrestricted matches. To keep things interesting, the assaulting team gets a buff called Determination, which grows stronger over time, increasing damage and resistance. See the new PvP mode in the video below.


King of the hill PvP is Here

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