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Champions Online Previews Customizable Auras

Posted Fri, Nov 22, 2013 by Martuk

If you take a trip to Champions Online’s test server this weekend you’ll have a chance to check out Cryptic’s latest visual enhancements to character customization with the long-awaited Aura System. The new system offers players additional visual appearance options with customizable aura effects, allowing multiple auras to be activated and combined at once for new and unique visual effects.

Auras are new items that can be slotted and setup by the player to always be active or only activate their visual effects at specific times. For example, one effect may always be active while another will activate once combat is entered, combining both visual effects. Additionally, players can also adjust the aura’s hue for more customization.

“Want to combine an ice cloud Aura with ice skin? How about a Fire Aura with Electricity? Players can do that with the new system. There’s an even option to individually shift the hue of the Aura to add an extra layer of customization. Using the hue shift players could create a purple Ice Cloud as shown in the image above.”

Each character begins with 1 of each type of aura slot and can purchase an additional 3 of each type to better mix and match their options. Auras will also be added to a specific storage bag, allowing separate storage from your standard inventory.

You can learn more about the new Aura System on the Champions Online website. Gold subscrbers can join the PTS server now to get an early look at the new system and help put it through its paces before its official release.

Source: Aura System Preview


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