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Champions Online Previews Upcoming Changes in UNTIL Field Report

Posted Fri, Feb 03, 2012 by Martuk

Cryptic Studios has posted a new UNTIL Field Report for Champions Online to kick off February that gives a peek of what lies ahead for the superhero-based MMOG. Some of the things in the pipeline that players can look forward to include: zone balancing, a number of fixes, a new player-voted travel power, an in-game Events Calendar, Specialization Trees and a lot more.

The report also lists a few things on the schedule for development and other items being discussed for possible addition to the world of Champions Online like neighborhood events, premium free-form character slots, more hideouts, costume previews in the C-Store and a more.

Read the full February UNTIL Report for all the latest details about the future of Champions Online.

Source: Champions Online February UNTIL Report


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