Champions Online Releases September State of the Game and New Hideouts

Champions Online gets some new hideouts and Executive Producer Rob Overmeyer updates the community with a new State of the Game.
Cryptic Studios has had an eventful year on both the business and content front. After Atari divested itself from the Studio, Perfect World stepped in to make the buy, but that hasn’t seemed to slow down the content for Champions Online.

In the first half of his new State of the Game, Executive Producer Rob Overmeyer recaps the huge amount of content the game has received over the last few months with the Aftershock comic content, new Hideouts and several new costumes and powers.

Looking ahead, Overmeyer gave a look at what Cryptic has planned for the future starting with the game’s two-year anniversary celebration, which kicked off its festivities yesterday. But there are some other juicy bits of content in the works such as the second comic series content with Whiteout, which centers on a crashed spaceship in Canada, Lair reviews, new mini arcs and Alerts and even a few plans for the Nemesis system.

In addition to the new State of the Game, Champions Online also received Phase Five of Hideout, adding the Vigilante Basement and the Space Agency Moon Hideouts.

Champions Online State of the Game
Phase Five Hideouts

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