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Cryptic Details Next Champions Online Update, Taps New Executive Producer

Posted Mon, Jun 18, 2012 by Martuk

Cryptic Studios’ latest Champions Online State of the Game reflects opens with a note from Rob Overmeyer, who posted a message to the community about his new role with Cryptic and handed off the executive producer torch to Brad Stokan.

I’ll continue to work with the Champs team but not as the Executive Producer. That honor is now passed down to Brad (Stokman) Stokan. He will be leading Champions Online into the future. Brad and I have worked together for quite a while on Champs. He has a tremendous enthusiasm and vision for Champs that will add some really cool features and bring some new adventures for you to go on. His plans for future updates are ambitious, wild, and to some degree beyond the capability of a normal development team. In other words… Perfect! It’s a good thing he has a team of heroes looking to make it all happen.

Stokan followed Overmeyer’s post by posting his own introduction and an update reflecting on recent content additions and outlining plans to expand game content with the next update. Some of the upcoming content includes new Alerts, Veteran Rewards, events and more.

Meanwhile, we’ve already begun development on a brand-new type of Alert, tentatively titled the “Rampage” Alert! These unique encounters will feature villains so daunting, so challenging that they’ll demand no fewer than 10 heroes, of level 35-40 no less! We are designing these fights to give a bit more challenge to our long-standing and high-level players, primarily via mechanics which demand more teamwork, and more dynamic engagement in the battle.

Source: Champions Online June State of the Game


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