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Witchcraft Returns to Champions Online for a Double XP Event

Posted Tue, Dec 27, 2011 by Martuk

Champions Online players will get a helping hand from Witchcraft through New Year’s Eve with a Double XP event. Witchcraft will make her return this week to help heroes out with a Double XP boost buff. Champions Online players can speak with Witchcraft near Defender in Renaissance Center to get the four hour Bonus XP buff. If it runs out, you can speak with Witchcraft again to get a new one until she departs the area around December 31st.

Source: Champions Online website

I would play Champions Online, except when it went free-to-play my characters archetype was deleted from the game. In fact, so were my characters too. I now have zero reason to return to CO.

There were no archetypes before CO went free-to-play. When the game went free the custom character creation was locked to subscribers only.

As far as your characters being deleted, did you bother to send in a support ticket? The only thing I can think of there was that you may have had characters that exceeded the allotted number for free to play. A simple support email would have answered that.

But either way, congratulations on your zero reason. Though a touch of reality might be a good thing to add as well.

Either you're a mad Cryptic employee in disguise or you're a slobbering fanboy. Regardless, you're still retarded and completely out of touch with reality nor do you know any of the facts surrounding the free-to-play debacle.

I suspect I'm not the first person to tell you this, in which case why haven't gotten a clue yet?

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