City of Heroes Freedom Head Start Begins Today Under the Watchful Eye of MARTy

Get caught up on the latest City of Heroes news from VIP head start to MARTy and the latest Intrepid Informer.

This is a big week for Paragon Studios. Today marks the head start VIP launch for City of Heroes: Freedom (CoH) and the unveiling of MARTy and the latest edition of the Intrepid Informer.

LetÂ’s start with the new MARTy, which is short for Metric Activated Reward Throttle (Y? Because exploits are bad!). MARTy is a new CoH anti exploit detection system being added with Issue 21 that will automatically monitor player activity server side and if the program is tripped, that player will cease to gain rewards for a given amount of time.

If youÂ’re concerned that this may affect you put your mind at ease. The devs have stated that itÂ’s not possible to trip MARTy through normal or even aggressive gameplay. LetÂ’s just hope MARTy doesnÂ’t get temperamental.

Rocket Board

Get the story behind the development of City of Heroes' Rocket Board travel power.

This week also saw the release of the Intrepid Informer: Issue 11, which offers some insight into the Rocket Board travel power and why it took so long to realize this awesome new power. It seems that a year worth of animation might have been asking a bit too much at the time. Check it out to get the full story on how this power became a reality from Senior Animator Colin Brown.

Lastly, today marks the VIP head start for City of Heroes: Freedom and Issue 21: Convergence. Subscribers can log on today to experience the gameÂ’s latest content along with the newly added Paragon Market and in-game events and giveaways. ThereÂ’s even a new VIP only server available today, Exalted, where only subscribing members may transfer or play.

Check out the official patch notes to see whatÂ’s new with Freedom and Issue 21.

The Intrepid Informer: Issue #11
Issue 21 - MARTy
Announcing the City of Heroes Freedom VIP Head Start! September 13, 2011
City of Heroes Freedom and Issue 21 Convergence Patch Notes

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