City of Heroes Intrepid Informer Details Beam Rifle Power Set

City of Heroes’ Phil "Synapse" Zeleski beams in to talk about the game's newest Beam Rifle power set.

This weekÂ’s City of Heroes Intrepid Informer serves up some new details about the new Beam Rifle power set with Phil "Synapse" Zeleski. As a primary power set choice for Blasters and Corruptors and a secondary for Defenders, the Beam Rifle option provides a new choice for ranged damage to obliterate a single target (thoughts of the Asgard beam weapons in Stargate come to mind).

Zeleski provides an overview of the power set and a list of each of the powers included in detail. Be sure to give it a read if youÂ’re looking to blast a few villains in a rather relentless manner.

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City of Heroes Facebook Facepalm Promotion

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