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1. Daily Column

Friday is here. Enjoy your weekend!

My EVE Online reintroduction continued into Day 20 yesterday. I have reached another "plateau" where my training time to get the skills required to buy and fly my next ship are measured in days rather than hours. As a player this forces me to

  • a) Continue doing the missions and mining with my current ship and loadout for 13 days (yes that's 13 days)
  • b) Play some other game while I wait for the new skills and the newfound joy of EVE
  • c) Forego the fancy new ship and instead train in skills that will give me more immediate gratification.

The problem is that what I really want to do is fly a battleship, yet no amount of time spent or skill used will get me to that goal faster than 13 days from now. I can't affect the speed at which I can reach my goal. I have a great amount of respect for the EVE advancement system. The skills that you choose to learn and the order in which you choose to learn them dictate which ships and equipment you can use. This is a great system except for the times when a player reaches a plateau where they aren't having any fun. At those times the player can work diligently to get past the plateau and back into a window of fun. In EVE Online that isn't possible. Every system has its drawbacks.

There is an excellent article on Terra Nova regarding scarcity of resources in EVE. The article proclaims (and I agree) that security is the rarest commodity in the game. It may be a difficult read for a EVE neophyte, but stick with it.

In a few days I'll be switching from EVE to reintroduce myself to another game. I'm curious if my readers have any requests or suggestions. My current list of possibilities looks something like this:

  • EverQuest 2
  • Vanguard
  • Guild Wars
  • City of Heroes/Villains
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online

Is there a game that you would like me to cover next month?

Comments, questions or naughty pictures? Hit the blog or hit my mailbox. --Boomjack

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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