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Let us entertain you or at the very least waste some of your time at work.07.04.2006 Exclusive Content
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online: Wizard Build - The Mastermind
    "Tonight's contribution to Wizard Week here at DDO @ Ten Ton Hammer comes from Darkgolem. The Mastermind is a pure wizard Custom Build that focuses on crowd control through judicious spell selection and maximum use of Metamagic Feats."
  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes: Psionicist Class Guide
    "The Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Psionicist is an arcane caster who uses the powers of his mind to control and injure his enemies, as well as to augment the abilities of his allies. Learn more about the powers this mysterious mentalist will bring to Vanguard in our newly revamped class guide."
  • World of Warcraft: Where To Adventure?
    "As promised, our Where to Adventure Guide continued to be updated today with additional information being added about: Loch Modan, Redridge Mountians, Teldrassil, Westfall, the Deadmines and the wailing Caverns,"
  • World of Warcraft: Westfall Zone Guide
    "We have a brand new guide that continues our walkthroughs of various regions in World of Warcraft, this time on the Human zone of Westfall. Our new guide contains plenty of information to zoom through this zone in a speedy manner. Maps, quest walkthroughs, and other very helpful tips are included to get through this level 10-20 zone! Look forward to more region guides coming soon!"

Vin Diesel Fact of the Day - Atari once created a video game where you fought Vin Diesel. When you put in a quarter the screen immediately displayed, "YOU LOSE".
Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

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