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The relationship between the sites like TenTonHammer.com who cover games and the developers who create them is an interesting one.

There is a siege mentality in many development teams when it comes to discussing their game, their passion, with the press. In many cases this has been a completely justified response. Many members of the press are interested in one of two things;

1) Finding something sensational, usually bad, to write about the game or the developers or

2) Getting their article done so they can get to the bar. This particular escapade results in the dozens of boring, cookie-cutter pieces that you read every day on the sites that have been around since Duke Nukem Forever started production. Developers are tired of wasting their time answering the same questions over and over.

Our mission at TTH is to build communities. In our two short years of existence I believe we have done an exceptional job of doing just that. Our community is now as large as that of our competitors who have been around for 10 years. Thanks to you we are growing faster than any other MMOG site.

Our community is also of great interest to developers. You are for the most part a polite, well-versed, intelligent and loyal group. What you care about in a game matters to the development teams. Your commentary is important.

Here is your chance to ask you questions, make your comments and interact with the development community. If you have a game specific or better yet, an industry specific question for developers I would like to see it. The best ones will be sent off to the folks who make the games you play and their answers will be posted here at TenTonHammer.com.

This is your chance to be heard directly by the developers. Make the most of it. You can mail me at this address.

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