England plays in the World Cup today folks. Eat your bangers and mash. Drink your pints of ale. Maybe even dive into a plate of fish and chips. For those of you trying to enjoy the game, but who are finding it simply too boring, this might be a good game to watch as there is a chance for a King's ransom in goals.

If you don't like football, real football, then you are likely a big "Saved By The Bell" fan. I suggest you dig down deep and help Screech save his house. Zack, A.C. and Kelly may be called in for some family friendly hi-jinx. [Thanks Ralsu]

The buzz around the World of Everything Vivendi statement continues to roar. I have it on good word [Thanks Ralsu] that a "goddess" found pictures of the presentation used by Vivendi. Check it out. It appears that what is on the slides and what was said may not be in sync. It is obvious that any other Blizzard franchise would have a built-in purchasing base that would dwarf most other companies, so why not expand those games into MMOs? Why develop a three-year, $50 million plan to produce a MMO if you didn't expect to bring one of your own highly successful franchises into play? I believe that we will see a World of Starcraft or a World of Diablo or both. I believe they are already in the works.

How do you feel about the World of Everything announcement? Discuss!

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Vin Diesel Fact of the Day - Vin Diesel's calendar has no April 1st. No one fools Vin Diesel.
Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

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