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A story has been crusing around the Interwebs regarding one of my favourite games, Second Life. I was going to ignore it, but our good man Darren "The General" Lee pointed me towards it again so I took it as an omen.

It appears that some miscreants in Second Life have taken to virtual terrorism, if there is such a thing. Unhappy with the "establishment" and their inability to have things their way they detonated some virtual nukes outside of some virtual stores. No virtual inhabitants were killed, but the story is virtually everywhere even though it affects virtually noone. I think we'd all be happier if they would just virtually go back to wearing their furry suits in real life rather than in the...virtual one.

I checked out Lord of the Rings Online during the stress test this weekend. It is definately still in beta, but by and large the game looks polished and was a lot of fun to play. My limited play time in no way gave me enough education regarding the title to comment on whether it will be a success or not, but if my first impression holds true it will be a game that is to be played through slowly, savouring the nuances rather than blowing through the contents like Mel Gibson at an open bar. I enjoyed my brief stay in the world that Turbine has crafted. I eagerly await the launch in April.

I also happened upon a picture on Flickr's "Explore" by "Brenlo". The Explore section of Flickr is an area where the most "interesting" pictures are shown. Could it be the same Alan "Brenlo" Crosby of Everquest 2 fame? Of course it could. He is a very talented photographer. Check out his shots here.

Did you check out LotRO this weekend? What did you think?

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