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Stargate Worlds (SGW) fans should watch Stargate Atlantis on January 4th (Is that the first show of the season?) for a look at the new SGW trailer. I wasn't very fond of Atlantis when it first aired, but the series is growing on me.

While perusing my daily run of blogs I came across a little ditty at Raph's site regarding cheating.

"The thing that’s funny is that yes, of course players regard RMT as cheating. But make no mistake, looking up the steps to a quest was once upon a time a bannable offense on many muds, and widely considered cheating. (Calling the sites out there today “strategy guides” is a bit of stretch — they’re more like complete walkthroughs). Powerlevelling someone was once upon a time a bannable offense on some muds. Going through a quest with someone and telling them the steps. Chatting the location of an item on a public channel. You get the idea."

"Cheating is, in the end, violating the spirit of the rules. But the spirits of games evolve, for better or worse, and not always in ways we like (I reference again the tale of Monopoly, and how it changed from an anti-landlord game into a game celebrating greed). It isn’t the designers doing it, usually — rather, it’s designers conceding ground under the weight of player pressure and market pressure. You may call it pragmatism or you may call it caving. Either way, those of us left behind will always sit and bitch about what used to be a purer, nobler sort of game."

There is a very significant difference between reading a strategy guide and buying money or characters. The former educates you on how to be a better player, sending you out into the virtual wilds to do the work yourself. The latter takes the game out of your hands and supplies you with the end result of the labours. Real money trading (RMT) bypasses the game mechanics taking the player to the reward without experiencing the journey.

In a single player game nobody cares. Your actions  don't affect anyone else. In a MMOG the person who uses RMT services is cheating by giving themselves an unfair advantage over those that are playing by the rules. There is no grey area. It is cheating. Players have a right to be upset about it.

Enjoy your weekend folks! The new year is almost here.

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