How do I put this nicely. If your fun in a game is shooting a gun blankly into a cave, then you might want to rethink your priorities. I don’t know why, but there is this small segment of players who think the loot cave was freaking awesome and Bungie is dumb for getting rid of it. The rest of us are way more reasonable: don’t use dumb shooter / Halo rank difficulty levels for getting loot.

Like, yeah, in Halo 3 if you were above level 10 then you obviously knew how to fire that needler. Let’s not make rep grinding take years to finish (I’m exaggerating) and let’s get more loot into the hands of the players so everyone can have that rush that loot is dropping for them, while at the same time not feel as if it’s going to take like 200 years to get it.

Which I’m fine with if there is alternatives. In Guild Wars 2, it takes forever to farm a legendary, but you don’t need a legendary. Bungie has said they like this model (not referencing GW2 specifically) where you can get BIS without it being a legendary, but a legendary is going to look cool and shoot cool.

I’m down with that but let’s whine that we don’t have that yet, not that some mystical exploit is now gone. Let’s complain about how getting loot sucks because Strikes are too hard and let’s complain that getting loot sucks because there isn’t a method to do it that you can veg out to, which is the whole point of most console games.

My television is in front of the bed. So I lay in the bed and play games. Co-op is done either with everyone sitting in the bed or in chairs in the bedroom or moving the T.V. into the living room because there is only one 50” in the house and I’m watching T.V. on it before bed.

So when I crawl into bed and I pull the covers up and I grab the controller, I’m sacrificing my sleep quality according to billions of health phamplets about not doing anything in bed but sleeping, and I’m wanting to relax and enjoy a game.

What I’m not wanting to do is train for the Olympics to be handed nothing. Literally nothing. Which is how most players feel. As our very own John pointed out, why do you want anything but light? HRMMM???? So obviously with just one stat everyone is craving, if the new piece of loot isn’t lightastic, then it’s gonna get looked over.

Destiny right now is like Diablo if you rarely seen a rare item, and when you did it wasn’t anywhere near an upgrade. It needs to be like the modern day Diablo where Blizzard makes it rain great loot and you have to just keep playing to get it.

Anyway I’m done on that topic. While I have your attention I would like to take a quick moment to rant about two things. First of all, I don’t like loot centric games! I don’t like this idea that we all should worship loot. I love sitting in Orgrimmar like anyone else and having people message me “nice gear!” and that’s great - however, WoW’s loot model makes it where each piece is a true upgrade. You’re working for the betterment of your character and better is GOING to drop, but if you get it is determined by the players you play with WHEREAS in games like Diablo or Destiny, it’s all RNG.

You know, I get this idea that loot should drop for everyone and no one should feel left out, but as more pieces drop, the quality of them worsens, to keep the good stuff rare. When you make it rain loot everywhere, it just makes it where you have to spend more time farming and sorting through trash.

I’d rather see fewer loot drops and more quality loot or a more linear progression. For games like Destiny, the “Best in Slot” gear should come easily to you, but to look cool shouldn’t since there isn’t a way to say go from point A to point B to farm more powerful loot.

The second thing I wanted to go off on a tangent about is that I find it hilarious the loot cave exploit was around for more than three days and Bungie was cool enough to let it stay open and see what was driving players to go there to do research instead of fixing it instantly. Which is interesting. Should they have closed it as soon as they found it out or was leaving it open to see why players loved it so much a really cool thing to do that will blossom into a more fun experience for everyone? Comment below with your thoughts.

Oh and props for legendary engrams equating to legendary items. Thanks Bungie!

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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