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Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I started on a topic today that due to time constraints I simply wasn't able to finish. I apologize for this short, "coles notes" version of Loading... , but I trust that you will understand. You see the topic I was trying to bring to life was "heroes". We pretend to be heroes when we play MMOGs. We have heroes in our real lives. I'll touch on how these two versions of heroism aren't really so different when time permits.

You deserve an explanation as to why Loading... is actually about nothing today. You did take the time to read this little ditty and your time is valuable, even if it is in essence your boss's time and you are being paid to read each and every word that is spinning across your screen. I suggest you walk up to your boss and say, "Thank you". Don't tell your boss why, just do it. I assure that it will make you both feel better.

So here's the deal... once every, oh, once, in a lifetime, I actually decide to take a real vacation. There shalt be no laptop. There shalt be no blackberry. There shalt be family and they shalt be joyous. Verily I say unto you that though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Mickey Mouse I shall fear no pricetag. (unlike these cheapskates) We've, and by we I mean my wife, have every aspect of this trip planned out. Nothing could go wrong.

Bzzzzt! It doesn't matter that you have paid out thousands of dollars for your first trip in...ever... when your son gets an ear infection two-days before he is to fly to Orlando. You see, you can't fly with an ear infection. Your ear explodes, or implodes, or a-splodes, but whatever the 'sploding happens to be, a rather important side effect of the 'sploding is that you could become deaf. Deaf I tell you, deaf! I yelled that out so our deaf readers could hear it, and so my son would take his antibiotics. I know that some of you with kids are thinking, risk it, the chances are really slim that anything would happen. I look at it this way, in 40 years when my son is wiping my arse and feeding me baby food I hope he doesn't look to the doctor and say, "Well, if the risk of him going deaf is slim then by all means... start the experiment Dr. Frankenstein."

At this very moment my wife is at the doctor's office where my son is having his ear examined to see if it is plane-worthy. If it isn't, well, you'll see me on a commercial for some consolidated debt company proclaiming, "We're NOT going to Disney" and you will probably see Loading... tomorrow. If his ear is healed enough that a plane ride isn't going to hurt him then you won't see another Loading... until the 15th, possibly the 16th. Either way, some of you are going to be happy and that my friends is why I write this bit every day.

Until then, think good thoughts and stop by the TenTonHammer.com landing page for the latest MMOG news headlines.

Super, happy, fun, bonus content!

The good folks at Star Trek Online and Gods and Heroes were kind enough to send in their nominations for "7 Wonders of MMOGs". In their case it came in as things they would like to see in MMOGs. It's hard to disagree with any of them. It's refreshing to look outside the MMOG box at what could be. Enjoy!

"Sigil, the City of Doors' from Planescape: Torment. Great art, rich with story ideas and cool design, easy to move around in, and a wonderful setting. Derived from the pen-and-paper Planescape setting, published by TSR.
- Jason Durall, Senior World Designer

"Half Life 1 - DE_Rats - it was like being able to frag in Alice in Wonderland. - Will Jayroe, Lead Web Designer

Based on balancing alone, one of my favorite locations is Strike at Karkand from Battlefield 2. Well balanced across both factions and their classes, this urban combat map forces the player to use cunning and skill as opposed to brute force. I prefer the action that is produced by the smaller 32-person map. The relative proximity of the spawn points/flags mean that you are almost always in the middle of the action. The fragility of life in this game is emphasized by multiple attack points of each flag. There are too many corridors to defend a flag alone. Whether in a squad or lone-wolfing, the many hills and buildings create natural reveals that allow the player to move unseen in many areas and/or ambush. Excellent map. - Arthur Klein, Jr. Character Artist

Those blocks that comprise the stair case right before the flagpole in every non-castle level in Super Mario Bros. Whenever I see those come up, I know I can finally freakin' relax because the level is almost over ~.^). - Allan Libunao, Feature Assistant Producer (Engineering)

I would have to go with the New York museum featured in Laura Bow: The Dagger of Amon Ra. The game was able to provoke both a sense of urgency and suspense as you navigated your way through archaeological exhibits and hidden passages. You never knew what to expect when returning to rooms you had already explored, as the next crime may have just taken place there within the last few moments! - Scott Gelb, Senior Platform Engineer

I really like the look and feel of the worlds in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. The environments are great and well thought-out to compliment each alien race. It makes for great gameplay. I'm a character artist on the G&H team. - Sameer Yamdagni, Character Artist"

A big round of clap for the STO and GnH teams. Thanks for sending in your nominees. So far four development teams have checked in. I'm sure the rest are just holding their choices close to their vests. Here's to a flood of nominations while I'm possibly away at Disney.
Don't forget to post in our forums or at the bottom of this blog. If you are shy (or female and sending in naughty pictures) you can E-Mail me.

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Vin Diesel Fact of the Day - Vin Diesel can descend to the bottom of a bottomless pit.
Now from the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

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