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EVE Online has released their first Quarterly Economic Newsletter. This is really interesting stuff and most importantly shows that a game doesn't require nine million subscribers to be a success. EVE has 195,000 accounts (which I assume means paying subscribers). The graph showing subscriber growth is climbing at nearly a 45 degree angle. The QEN is a must read for any EVE or potential EVE Online player. You can download it in PDF format via this link. I would love to hear from the EVE veterans. What are your thoughts on these numbers?


I began my reintroduction to EverQuest 2 yesterday. My has the old neighbourhood changed. I fired up a Sarnak necromancer and managed to get three hours of played time in. Leveling is fast and furious. I hit level 10 though it seemed like I just logged in. I'm curious what class EverQuest 2 veterans consider the best fit for my "lone wolf" playstyle. Thank goodness I read Coyote's Guide To Racial Abilities.


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