In MMOs, hardcore players are always focusing on "endgame content."
Standard MMOs typically focus on raiding to entertain their highest
level players, but target="_blank">EVE Online
features endgame content of a different sort. In EVE, the taking and
holding of conquerable space by alliances in 0.0 is the closest thing
to "endgame content" players can find. But, until now, creating a
spaceholding alliance was something that few players truly knew how to
do. In this week's Sins of a Solar Spymaster, the Mittani gives players
a step-by-step guide to creating a spaceholding alliance, so if you've
ever wanted to try your hand at creating a universe spanning empire,
here's your chance. Enjoy!

it's time to start building something beyond a gleam in your eye.
You have your goal, you have your chosen form of government, now you
commence building your alliance. You need to have a banner for people
to rally around, a shared identity that pilots will be eager to buy
into. Alliances in EVE are a dime a dozen, but most never get anywhere,
and this has a lot to do with their core identity; what is the reason
for your alliance's being, besides taking space? The most common
identity for a spaceholding alliance is an ethnic one, an aggregation
of people from one linguistic group or nationality. Other identities
involve communities from outside of EVE, such as forum groups
(, Ars Technica) or players of other games - 'Tribes'
and 'Earth and Beyond' veterans have a significant presence in 0.0.
Even if the identity is purely a gimmick or a silly in-joke, it puts
your nascent alliance at an advantage over those without a cohesive
sense of self, because a strong alliance identity is what will help you
maintain your membership in the face of the vicissitudes of war.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016