In href="" target="_blank">EVE
Online, the most intelligent and cunning gamers are those
that succeed. Although the members of Goonswarm have been called
everything from sociopaths to conniving geniuses, there's no doubt that
their antics are both ambitious and humorous. Now the Goonswarm's
master of spies, The Mittani, has agreed to write a column for Ten Ton
Hammer on both the Goonswarm's actions and the crazy stories of style="font-style: italic;"> EVE Online in
general. For his first column, the Mittani gives use his how-to guide
on "How Not to Kill a Titan."

It is often said that what separates players on the
highest level of
alliance warfare is the understanding of fundamental gameplay
mechanics. EVE is a notoriously complex game, but the documentation is
available in voluminous form; keen understanding of sovereignty
mechanics is practically assumed at the level of an alliance leader.
After all, sovereignty is the core mechanic in alliance warfare; the
game is all about taking, breaking, and holding sovereignty. -A- was
considered at the time to be an alliance of 'elite PvP' players, yet at
dawn on 2/17 we realized that the 'big surprise' on 2/21 was not going
to surprise Goonswarm, but -A- and KenZoku (the former BoB forces).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016