EverQuest is celebrating its tenth anniversary this week and although they're still going strong, Dalmarus can't help wondering if we'll ever see an EverQuest III. Could it be done? Even more importantly, *should* it be done? In this week's edition of Forever Fantasy, Dalmarus attempts to rein in his cranky old geezer dreams about "the good old days" while discussing what should be critical if a third rendition of EverQuest were ever made.

It may sound like a crazy gimmick, but losing track of time and getting caught in the middle of Kithicor when the sun fell was no laughing matter. On those rare instances you were extremely lucky, you could scurry your way out of there like a rat abandoning a sinking ship to survive another day. Most of the time though, you're greatest hope was to just make it close to the zone line before dying so you wouldn't have to wait until morning to go in and get your corpse.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016