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Cody “Micajah” Bye here, traipsing about in John “Boomjack” Hoskin’s typical role and trying my best to entertain you with a measure of his wit and charm. If only I had as much humor as John possesses in his little finger.

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day – which you readers narrowly avoided by a strange chronological twist of fate – we at Ten Ton Hammer have unearthed the strange and uncanny. While thinking of a topic to write about in this newsletter, I came across a little blog/game site run by Verse Studios, where they display a game of such horrendous monstrosity that it has to be seen to be believed.

Verse Studios has created the first – and I shudder at the thought – Gold Farming Roleplaying Game (GF-RPG).

Here’s the description from the site:

Picture a world oppressed. A world where evil creatures stalk the land, where only the brave can survive, and where people have far more money than time. This is the world of Fool's Gold, where you take up the mantle of Gold Farmer and race against time and the evil Blizzard's to get much needed gold to desperate characters scattered through out the game world.

Set in the lush land of Goldman is the village of Sacks, and it is here where you start your heroic journey...

At this point, I nearly lost control of my bowels I was laughing so hard. Yet there was even more:

Fool's Gold is completely free to play, all it costs you is the time to download and the time you spend in the game. If you are like most of us here at Verse Studios, your time is well spent elsewhere. But there are some people out there who insist on downloading and playing this game. Who are we to say no?

Some of the side comments… are absolutely hilarious. *blinks out tears* Take a look for yourself:

"...this can't be for real..."
"Simplistic amateur adventure with horrible voice work."
"A real turd of a game."
"Clearly this is a joke. A really bad joke."

And, there’s actually a downloadable client available at the site! While I worry that the client is actually some sort of gold farming invasive software, I’ve risked my new computer’s life and limb to get the scoop on this story.

Check back in here tomorrow for a full review of Fool’s Gold!
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