What do a completely open world, the ability to kill fellow players
anywhere, and a "true" looting system all have in common? They're
concepts that MMO players across the Internet have been clamoring for
since target="_blank">the
dawn of time. Alright, maybe not that long, but anyone that's
spent any amount of time in the innumerable href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/forumdisplay.php?f=562"
forums around can
testify to the fact that we've been hearing the cry for this type of
world for more years than we care to contemplate. It's a tall order,
but if the team at Aventurine S.A. can actually pull this off, they
stand the chance of becoming living legends.

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Why don't I
have armor like his?

Good or bad, the first thing many players will notice about Darkfall is
the complete lack of levels. Everything about your character is
skill-based. With literally hundreds of skills to choose from and the
ability to max out almost 95% of them (some are apparently restricted
by race), a player could href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/64029" target="_blank">literally
spend years playing the game before
maxing their character out. On the surface, it's an extremely exciting

How many times have you started a character in your favorite MMOG, only
to later decide it's not quite what you wanted, so you start up another
character from scratch? We've all done it at least once (with most of
us doing it far more than that), but that doesn't mean we liked it.
This process of trial and error can soon lead to burnout and

Imagine a game where you can start out swinging a longsword, later pick
up a bow, and even later decide your character needs a little magic to
flesh it out? If the tales are true, Darkfall is that game. The pen and
paper geeks among us have all created their own special classes for at
least one homegrown D&D campaign in the past. With the
staggering number of skills and magic spells purportedly available in
Darkfall, there's no reason you can't create it. For this single reason
alone, I have to admit that I'm more than a little intrigued (and
excited) about Darkfall's upcoming release. There are plenty of other
reasons for players to be thrilled (or terrified) of Darkfall though.

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That's a
seriously cool looking mount!

There's a phrase that's been popular among men ever since humans had
the ability to produce speech: "Put up or shut up." I'm making this
challenge to every last PvPer out there that has bombarded every damn
forum community I've ever been a part of. For years, I've listened to
you mouth off about how the PvP in game X sucks because you can't loot
fellow players, you're not allowed to be a tool and gank some newb in a
town, combat doesn't involve any skills or reflexes and the list goes
on and on.

Unless a small group of players have been creating a million accounts
and wasting their lives spewing the same crap over and over instead of
getting a life, you're morally obligated to at least give Darkfall a
try when it comes out. You heard me. I didn't stutter. There should be
more than enough of you out there to support a small company like
Aventurine in their efforts. This is your chance to acknowledge a game
that tries to break the stagnant mold cast by the juggernaut called href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/64158" target="_blank">World

While it may appeal to the above mentioned crowd, the concept of being
able to loot other players has me a bit concerned. When you come right
down to it, I'm a loot whore. This doesn't mean I'm not fair in
sharing, helping others, or greedy, it just means that once I get a
hold of a coveted piece of equipment, I treasure it like that tacky
ring Golem never quit yammering to himself about.

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Where's the
dwarf hiding his step ladder?

From what I understand, items in the game will be less important than
skill amounts, but what if you had a gazillion skill points and you
finally came across the equivalent of Elric's Stormbringer? In
one-on-one combat, you'd probably be just fine. When you get ambushed
by that pack of asshats though, how are you supposed to get it back?
your justice then? I don't know, so Darkfall fans need to
enlighten me on the subject.

In concept, Darkfall has some fascinating ideas... ideas that call out
to the old-school player in me. I can't deny this. I am concerned about
how an uncoordinated anti-twitch gamer like myself might fare. What
little has been leaked about the combat in Darkfall
suggests that players with fast reflexes and an inherent knowledge of
FPS combat styles will have an advantage over us less fortunate,
but that the advantage will not be that big. This might be true when it
comes to melee warfare, but from what I've read/seen, those using a bow
or magic had better be pretty damned accurate or your going to find
yourself spitting out steel. 

Players have been crying for this type of game. Now's your chance to
show some support. Are you tired of the WoW clones out there? Are you
tired of always having that feeling of "been there, done that" come
over you after you've played a game for a couple of days? Until a
truly different from WoW takes a stand and proves itself successful, we
are completely doomed to trudge through the same game
mechanics we've used for years. This is Darkfall's chance to make it or
break it. This is your time to take that same chance on them. If you
don't, I'll turn a deaf ear to every single complaint about how
companies keep
churning out the same old thing.

Put up or shut up. It's that simple. Agree with me? Think I'm full of
crap? Let me know by sending me an email or posting on the forums.
Either way, make sure you keep reading Fantasy Forever.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016