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1. Daily Column

Once in a while I get to announce something really cool. Today I suppose could be considered "twice" in a while.

Most of you know that we do not accept advertising or sponsorship money from Gold Farming or Botting companies. Does it hurt our ability to keep the company going? Sure it does. Gold Farmers pay well. There is a reason that our industry is infested with them.

Many of you have asked how you could support TTH and our stance against Gold Farming. You wanted to donate. You offered to rub my feet. First-born children were found in baskets on the steps of TTH HQ. We simply couldn't take your lavish gifts without offering something in return. We now have a way for you to show Gold Farmers and the industry in general that a MMOG network can not only grow without gold ads, but that it can flourish.

I am pleased to announce that TenTonHammer.com now offers a Premium Membership for only $19.95 per year or about 6 cents per day. You can read about the Premium Membership here.

To kick the Premium Membership off right we are offering some truly incredible contests open only to our newly crowned Premium Members.

1) On Monday you will have a chance to Win a Trip To BlizzCON! Your flight, your hotel, your BlizzCON ticket and $200 spending money will be on us. Tickets are sold out, but not for TTH Premium Members. Your chance to win a trip to Anaheim to frolic among the Murlocs begins on Monday June 25, 2007. **Just announced - Starcraft 2 will be playable at BlizzCON!**

2) Win 1 of 4 BlizzCON tickets. We won't pay for your ride or your hotel, but like Willy Wonka we have tickets to get you into the party of the year. Four lucky Premium Members are going to win a ticket to this sold-out event! Make your way to Anaheim. Four lucky winners will have a ticket waiting for them.

3) 75 Fury Beta Keys - Be one of the first to test and try Auran's next big game, Fury! This is your chance to test one of the most anticipated games of the year. **Keys are up for grabs now! Winners will be announced on Monday**

How's that for a great start to our membership program?

As a side note, a few of the staff, myself included will be at BlizzCON. I'll spring for a round of fizzy drinks for the winners, the Blizzard devs and maybe even our staff. I hope to see you there!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far in our quest to be the first stop for MMOG news and information, especially those of you who offered the foot rubs. I know I speak for our entire team when I say that we have appreciated your support over the short two-years that TenTonHammer.com has existed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I would also like to thank Rosie O'Donnell for posting in the comments yesterday. We know it was you Rosie. You can't hide behind a misspelled name. Good luck with your new job on the Price is Right, but please, try not to leer at Barker's Beauties.


Hats off to the Canadian Mens Soccer team. They took the U.S. to the wire last night. A goal that shouldn't have been disallowed was brought back and well, that was that.

Hats on to the final episode of Stargate SG-1. What was that? 10 years and dozens of open storylines and that was the final episode? I was extremely disappointed and not only because Richard Dean Anderson didn't make a quick appearance. See that, I mentioned your name Rick.


The debate over whether voice communication is a boon or bane on MMOGs will likely never go away. I personally don't like voice chat as part of my MMOG experience.

The constant swearing, the crackling, sputtering prepubescent voices, the lewd comments made toward any player who turns out to be female, the male voice emanating from the female character that flirts with every male character in-game, it all adds up to an experience that I would rather avoid. If I enjoyed that kind of thing I'd walk around downtown L.A.

Voice-chat also removes the ability for many players to leave their daily grind behind. You might get bullied at school, but if you prove yourself in-game you can be a confident leader. Perhaps spoken English isn't your strongest trait, but nobody ever knew in the land of "ur" and "u" and text chat misspellings. You were an equal. When you throw on a microphone and headset the playing field isn't level anymore, stereotypes and racial misconceptions creep in. The real world collides with the virtual one that previously entertained and perhaps insulated you.

Clive Thompson has written an eloquent article on this very topic for Wired. I suggest you read it.

Which do you prefer, text or voice chat? Do tell, oh, and Rosie, at least post under your real name.

Have a great weekend folks! Good luck with the Fury Beta Key Contest!

Comment in the blog (now with direct link goodness) or email me directly.

2. New MMOG Articles At Ten Ton Hammer Today

  • Dungeons and Dragons Online: Custom Build - The Mage Knight
    "The Mage Knight is a sorcerer/paladin multiclass who uses spells without somatic components in combat to buff his or her fighting abilities. Coupled with the defensive and combat abilities of a paladin, this class is a powerful combination of abilities. Find out how to make one with Darkgolems newest custom build!"
  • Gods and Heroes: New Screenshot - Anonymous Goddess
    "Today we have our second weekly exclusive screenshot from the good folks at Perpetual Entertainment! We venture back into civilization for today's screenshot exclusive, and boy is this a fine piece of Roman engineering here! That stone statue must weigh more than all the sesterces in Rome, yet there she sits out on the docks, perhaps waiting for transport to a nearby hilltop temple! I'd hate to be the minions that have that job. Take a look at the latest marvel at Gods & Heroes - Ten Ton Hammer, and be sure to vote on who you think this anonymous goddess is!"
  • Gods and Heroes: Bestiary Portal and the Future
    "Our Bestiary Portal, formerly listing just two creatures, has rocketed to nearly 100! Come check out the latest list, and be sure to
    vote in our poll for the final appearance of the Bestiary!"
  • Lord of the Rings Online: Guide To Men
    "If you are a female looking for dating advice or an explanation of why guys hate Pretty Woman, we can't really help you. If you are curious about the race of Man, you've come to the right place. While many people shy away from playing the "normal" humans in most Massive Multiplayer Online games, the race of Man in Lord of the Rings has significant advantages. RadarX examines classes choices, racial traits, and backgrounds providing everything you need to know about Men."
  • Lord of the Rings Online: Guided Tour Of Bree-Land
    "In our first major area guide, I take you through Bree and the surrounding areas."
  • Lord of the Rings Online: Uruk Blackarrow Guide
    "The latest section of Martuk's monster play guide is up, and this time he focuses on the Uruk Blackarrow"
  • Top Secret: Declassified
    "Dubbed as a "reality show" for the MMOG enthusiast, Dave Perry's Project Top Secret has been slowly gaining momentum since its announcement earlier this year. Being very interested in the progression of the contest, the Ten Ton Hammer team tracked down Rusel DeMaria, assistant director for David Perry and author of several gaming-related books, to answer some of our questions concerning Project Top Secret."
  • Vanguard: Guide To Cleric Affinities
    "Ten Ton Hammer community member Gossamer submits a list of each of the Cleric Affinities and the skills that come with them to help you decide which fits your playstyle."
  • Warhammer Online: Interview With Erik Mogenson
    "With Games Day 2007 coming up this weekend, the Ten Ton Hammer team wanted to check in with some of the folks that work behind the scenes on the Warhammer Online project and see what sort of new material Mythic and Games Workshop is churning out. Garret Fuller, our industry relations expert, got hold of Erik Mogensen, Licensing Manager for Games Workshop. and fired a couple questions his direction to see what sort of information was ready to be revealed about WAR and the Warhammer 40K MMOG."
  • World of Warcraft: Karazhan Guide Updated
    "Part 2 of our Karazhan guide was added, giving players information on what to expect past Attumen The Huntsman's section and into the Grand Ball Room!"

3. Hot Content

4. Real World News

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