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Details and speculation about what exactly Blizzard has in store for us next week at BlizzCon 2009 are starting to emerge, so we'll do a little detailing and speculating of our own in today's newsletter. If we know most of what we'll find out at these fan events beforehand (and, odds are, we'd know more of what's going on if we were simply sitting at home with a DirectTV or streaming Internet feed from the event) why do we go? Is it the atmosphere? The connections we make with people that enjoy the same hobby we do? Thoughts on fan events in today's Loading... Fan Events and Other Cataclysms.

Jay "Medeor" Johnson's weekly WoW newsletter "The Overpull" comes out every Tuesday and keeps you entertained and informed on all the latest developments in WoW. Today's issue takes patch 3.2 to task and looks ahead to BlizzCon 2009. Sign up to receive "The Overpull" regularly in your in your inbox!

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Let me tell you something that you probably know: studio-driven events like SOE Fan Faire or EVE Fan Fest or BlizzCon aren't just the corporate equivalent of a debutante ball. If it weren't about quality entertainment instead of (or in addition to) shameless hawking, these events probably wouldn't last past their first year. But SOE just completed its seventh Fan Faire, CCP will host its sixth Fan Fest this October, and BlizzCon, the youngest of the venerable group, will see its fourth iteration at the end of next week.

Each of the events has it's own strange sense of etiquette. For example, at EVE Fan Fest you'll probably introduce yourself by character and alliance, at BlizzCon conversations tend to start with what server you play on. I've never been to SOE Fan Faire despite my wishes and intentions, but since SOE has such a number of games under its belt I imagine that The hype is fun, if kept in context, but the connection to other fans is better. Here's hoping you're able to attend a fan event or con at some point in your gaming run, it's well worth the pilgrimage.

In the "quality entertainment" column, Blizzard announced that Ozzy Osbourne will be going off the rails of the BlizzCon crazy train this year. Will Sharon will be playing the part of Lady Sylvanas? Will Kelly get her Thrall on? Probably not, but we can always dream the big dream together. As for what else we might see at BlizzCon, I can't put it any better than Jay "Medeor" Johnson, who had this to say in today's Overpull regarding the Cataclysm leaks that have started to appear:

When all else fails, slap a new coat of paint on it and ship it. New furries and greenies will be heading our way apparently. Recently leaked and highly speculated news shows the Worgen becoming a playable race for Alliance and Goblins switch-hitting and going to the Horde. Amongst my playing buddies we file news under good, bad and meh. New races fall somewhere between meh and bad. I have too many of each class now (for instance I have multiple end game Paladins and Shaman, do I really want to level a Worgen Shaman?). I keep track of friends who have left the game and call them with this kind of news to see if it inspires them to return. According to my buddy Aslow, a new race makes him want to stay away from the game even more. A new class on the other hand might bring him out of retirement. I couldn't agree more. I know the cinematic will be cool and we'll all get a full dose of Coolaid at Blizzcon, but this expansion needs a lot more lipstick.

I appreciate the fact that Blizzard seems to hold nothing as sacred, and all parts of the game are up for review and revision. I feel like the game is ambling along in random directions though. Major class changes are now routine, historical sacred cows are slaughtered at every patch (see the parts about transferring from PvE to PvP servers from the last major patch and now being able to have characters of both factions on PvP servers). I will have my account(s) into the foreseeable future, but I have to admit even I feel some cracking in my rock-steady support.

The discussion about WoW's recently released patch 3.2, new races that probably are, and new classes that should have been continues on in the WoW forums.

Patch 3.2 and Cataclysm aside, what drives you to attend fan events and conventions? Is it the hype, the expansions, and in general the Kool-Aid drinking? Should we cover these events as press types, reporting the facts and figures without bias, or as fans, inserting plenty of color commentary and player opinion? Your thoughts and opinions are always welcome in the Loading... forum, or feel free to email me.

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5 new MMOG hand-crafted articles today! 36 in August! 896 in 2009!

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