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Online communities and ponds have at least one thing in common: they both need an inlet and an outlet to avoid becoming a cesspool. In our marketing crazed culture, we pay plenty attention to player population growth, but could is there such a thing as a healthy level of attrition too? Do developer communities attempt to prune their communities of the most toxic elements? Should they? That, plus new news on the Halo MMO front are under the microscope in today's Loading... Internet Pond Scum.

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Xerin, our resident IM muse here at Ten Ton Hammer, slapped me with one of his usual out-of-the-blue posers earlier this week. “I’m concerned about the industry,” he said, not surprising me much. I steeled what was left of my general MMORPG enthusiasm for what came next. “With more and more games entering the space and relatively few dying off, I mean, people have been calling the MMO market saturated for years. How much more saturated can it get?”

I’m on a diet from such questions, which usually make too many assumptions. Like: all MMORPGs compete directly with each other. Or that there ever could be some invisible force aside from sinking revenue that could put games out to pasture. I also don’t for a moment think the massively multiplayer category is in jeopardy, but the massively multiplayer player – the gamer who self-identifies as an MMORPG fan and plays just about anything that wears the tag for the social component - might be. Massively single-player games and what writer Christine Rosen called the Facebook-fueled “networked individualism” have taken their toll. I do have hope for the next wave of MMORPGs- that they might restore the social game to its rightful place at the forefront of MMO gameplay as this week’s D-Mail foretells.

But Xerin’s question got me thinking not of the macro machinations of the MMO market, but of saturation on a playerbase level. Players have, far and wide, become pitifully jaded to all new things, whether potentially good or ill. Exercise your grounded enthusiasm on just about any official or unofficial forum, and see if there’s not an equal and opposite reaction in the form of the snarky comment (or maybe even a clever photoshop, if you’re lucky enough to catch an industrious pecksniff between porn runs).

Which, in turn, got me thinking of the man-made pond I helped build during a summer in my mostly misspent youth. For anyone that hasn’t had the pleasure,  building a pond is fairly simple, but not quite as simple as digging a hole in the ground.  You need a matching inlet and outlet to keep the water properly oxygenated so that the water stays reasonably clear and, in turn, something more attractive than stinking algae will grow and thrive.

MMOGs naturally gain and lose players. On the gain side of the equation, gamers love variety and, with the gravity of enlightened marketing and press efforts, will naturally flock to anything remotely interesting or different.  On the loss side, it’s equally inevitable. New games come out that players like, new patches are released that players don’t like, or real life events preclude your gaming habits temporarily or permanently. Before the free-to-play craze, the operative metric was “churn rate”, now it’s probably called retention rate.

I wish there were a metric for the rate at which an MMOG sheds dissatisfied players – not the critically constructive types, but the negativity-spewing fixtures. Going further, as I make my quick bombing runs on o-boards, I sometimes find myself wishing there were marketing efforts aimed at shedding these types (maybe “severance packs” offering links to free trials in other games perhaps), because even if they’re paying, they’re poisonous. Left alone they become algae blooms that suck all the beauty and life out of the playerbase, or at the very least any kind of reasonable discussion on the official forums.  If you joined a pickup basketball game at the neighborhood park and weren't having fun, you'd probably excuse yourself rather than bitch nonstop about bad calls, talent mismatches, and the like. In real life, you'd probably fear "accidentally" eating an elbow. But the only limit Internet sociopaths know is how far they're willing to go.  

Of course the ultimate severance pack would be the so-called “WoW killer”, which in light of ActiBlizzard's 10-year publishing and distribution deal with Bungie Studios (who recently parted with Microsoft killer of MMOGs after the Halo MMO debacle in 1997), seems that much more possible. I don't think the majority of FPS or MMO fans are terribly excited about a Halo MMOG, but if such a beast were to spawn, it would be an excellent (if temporary) asshat magnet to clean out the scummiest of our online communities.

And if that sounds elitist, so be it. Elitist to me means that a game servers only the interest of the best or most invested players, I'm just hoping for online games which can be evaluated on its own terms, free of the taint of the permanently dissatisfied. Like it or not, the community is part of the game experience, and I feel that the communities have let down games just as often as games have let down their communities.

What's your take?  What's the healthiest online game community you've been a part of? The unhealthiest? Can game developers take steps to clean out forum cesspools, or are we stuck with anyone stinkbot, so long as they're a paying customer? Have your say in the Loading... forum.

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EQ2 Game Update 56 Preview


EverQuest II has the mother of all updates coming soon and players will
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Due out in May, this update goes far beyond being a patch and adds the
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