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I'm fairly sure I witnessed human perfection last night. Those of you who read this column daily know that I arrived a few days early for New York Comic-Con and you may even know that I'm about the most unlikely opera fan you'll ever see. I clean up reasonably well, and to be honest I wasn't expecting much from the Donizetti opera we went to see last night.

Donizetti, though prolific before going mildly insane, borrowed heavily from other composers and was no Mozart or Verdi, (think of him as the SOE of early 19th century opera) and his operatic form, (Bel Canto) is more known for drawn-out vocal acrobatics than tunefulness or even a really well-developed storyline. That was what I'd thought anyway, and I'd be willing to bet big that if I asked each of you to list any five operas, Lucia di Lammermoor wouldn't make anyone's list. It wouldn't have made mine before last night.

But sometimes there's one singular moment that changes not just your perspective on the particu,ar performance but confirms - overwhelmingly confirms - your faith in the form too. If you've played for any length of time, I'm sure you've had moments in a favorite MMORPG that you'll never forget, perhaps where a relative stranger went out of his way to help you or you helped someone else.

For me, it might have been a corpse run in EQ's Lower Guk circa 1999 where a friend risked hours retrieving his own corpse to bring back my armor to me, or a long night in Lesser Faydark where guildmate sacrificed their day and evening so I could get one piece (just one piece out of four or five or so) of the Raincaller Bow. Or maybe it was just a long, deep, and ultimately hilarious conversation while spawn camping in West Karana that was so involved that you only noticed afterward that another group kill-stole the named you were hunting.

That sort of numinous moment was on my mind last night when the thrice-wronged Lucia was midway through her beautiful aria 'Il duoce suono' (which featured an ornate glass harmonica part - I didn't even know that such a thing existed before last night), she made us all forget what she'd done as we focused with lazer-intensity on the sheer beauty of her singing.

But when Lucia glidingly turned to the wedding guests, her arms-akimbo, almost a homage to The Exorcist, the wedding guests reacted with horror, and we were brought back into the present, remembering that this Lucia was in a bloodstained wedding dress fresh from killing the husband she was forced to marry. I wonder if any performance medium other than opera could have accomplished the complexity of the emotional effect, and that moment confirmed my faith in opera as a legitimate and irreplaceable form of expression just like the above moments in-game confirmed my faith in the MMORPG.

Comments? Share them in the Loading... forum, or use the power of email to beg me not to mention opera again! And thanks to everyone that helped with the gold ad hunt yesterday, our list grew to include hundreds of adseller sites.

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