to the final
of Loading...

Unloading... is the premier
MMOG character auction service,
coming soon only from Ten Ton Hammer.

Today Ten Ton Hammer
officially announced three new services specifically geared towards the
modern MMOG
player. In conjunction with the Ten Ton Hammer Character Deletion
Hotline, Personals and 18+ Boutique, we’re pleased to
announce our hot new character auction system. Catch all the details
today in Loading… Unloading.

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The Pulse

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  5. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/lotro">Lord of the
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movers in the last seven days

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  3. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/swtor">Star Wars:
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Unloading... Our
Chatacters to you Daily (coming soon!)

"I sure do
love me some maple syrup. That's why we've decided
to take Ten Ton Hammer into the player services sector which
unfortunately means that, among other things, we will be discontinuing
the Loading... newsletter in favor of shifting focus to
promoting the new href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/personals">Ten Ton
Hammer Personals and href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/services/cdh">Character

These were the words that
greeted me in a surprise phone call from
Ethec late last night. I suppose the writing has been on the wall for
quite some time now, but I simply didn't want to accept it.
After all, Loading... is the longest running daily MMOG
newsletter of its kind and has amassed a fairly massive following over
the years, so it will be a real bummer to see it phased out this week.

But sometimes you simply have
to face facts. Today's MMOG
players aren't after the same things that they were 10 or 12
years ago. Back then it was all about the journey - the time
spent adventuring with friends. Now it's all about casual
play and instant gratification, and it only makes sense that we aim to
make Ten Ton Hammer a leader in a sector that caters to these types of

Ethec went on to explain, "In a
market hell-bent on making
hybrid business models the norm, we need to very
consciously change
with the times, otherwise we're bound to sink the entire
ship. Diversification will be the key here, which is why
we're also shifting the majority of our contributing writers
to the Character Deletion Hotline where they'll become the core
support staff."

This was another thing I knew
was coming, but it was still a minor shock to my
system to hear that it was indeed becoming official and much sooner
than I expected.

Ethec continued, "Here in the
world of games media,
we tend to amass quite a number of characters week after week, month
after month, year after year. Name an MMOG on the market right now and
I can guarantee that we likely have a few hundred high-level, fully
geared characters just sitting around collecting dust. So our thought
was, why not sell them to our readers for a quick buck?"

"Let me make this perfectly
clear though - this is
NOT a power-leveling service. Sure, most of the characters
we'll auction off through the new daily Unloading...
newsletter are level capped characters, but the service we intend to
provide is to take those pre-existing characters and turn a quick buck
as opposed to leveling up brand new characters for players. Not only is
that market already saturated, but we firmly believe that our service
is offering something unique - almost as though each and
every avatar we auction off will be like a virtual autograph from the
Ten Ton Hammer staff member that originally played it."

So you heard it here first
folks - starting next week the
Loading... newsletter will become a daily auction listing for
Ten Ton Hammer's pre-played MMOG characters. While I'm sure many of you
be sad that the daily newsletter many of you have been reading for
years will cease to exist in its current form, fear not, as I truly
believe that the new Unloading... auctions will
finally answer one of the biggest questions of them all:

"Can I have your stuff?"
Starting next week, yes you

To get the full details on how
the new Unloading… character
auction system will work, be sure to check out the href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/afd">official fact
then share your thoughts
right here in the forums!

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Awesome Quotes from the
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"Nothing on the Blizzard front
yet, was up at 8am GMT today and immediatly checked up on them to spot
some lolz.

- Beerkeg


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and Exclusive Content
Today at Ten Ton Hammer

8 new Ten Ton Hammer
today! 8 in April! 367
in 2010!

style="font-weight: bold;">NEW

Ten Ton Hammer Establishes
Character Deletion Hotline


how Ten Ton Hammer is taking steps to combat the decimation of player
characters, many of which are in their infancy - at the hands of their
creators. The newly formed Character Deletion Hotline is designed to
nurture forum-free character development decisions, alt placement, and
a variety of other services to ensure that every character is a planned
and wanted character.

Announcing Ten Ton Hammer


LFG is not enough, and for those times, we're now offering Ten Ton
Hammer Personals - a new and exciting way to interact with MMORPG
players of indeterminate gender! Whether you're looking for friends,
love, or just looking for a healer, you're sure to find something
surprising with Ten Ton Hammer Personals!

Ten Ton Hammer Store Opens 18+


Step behind the beaded curtain and into the steamier side of the Ten
Ton Hammer store. Adults only, need we say more?

[not exclusive]

New Final Fantasy XIV Character
Race Images


Enix has sent us their newest batch of images for the character races
of Final Fantasy XIV. The latest images offer a look at each of the
five races two factions in standing and closeup poses. Click here to
check them all out.

Star Trek Online - New
Federation Ship Videos


Trek Online's latest content update, Season One: Common Ground has
brought a number of new items, gameplay options and skills to the game,
among many other things. To help provide players with plenty of info on
the various classes of ship in the game, Cryptic Studios has released 3
new videos detailing a variety of Federation ships ranging in class
from cruisers, escorts and science vessels, so be sure to check them

New Craft of Gods Screenshots


mythology-based MMORPG Craft of Gods, will be entering its third Open
Beta on April 2nd and developer Cyberdemon has sent us several new
screenshots of the game and some of the creatures players will
encounter. Click here to check out the latest screenshots that include
a succubus, an over-sized spider, and a giant praying mantis.


Three Great Reasons To Leave


space is safer, and players can live there forever without getting
bored, but there are dozens of reasons to leave for low-sec, null-sec,
or wormhole space. Space Junkie explains three of those reasons.

WoW: Beginners Guide




off in World of Warcraft can be quite the challenge for new players and
especially new players to the MMOG genre. We've compiled all of our
best beginner tips and guides into one mega guide that gives you
everything you need to know to start the game off on the right foot.
Have a friend playing? Hand them our new beginner guide and watch them
go from "n00b" to "1337" in no time.

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