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Off topic: Congratulations to the U9 "Room With A View" soccer team for winning the County Championship this weekend. Way to go kids!

We are starting the week off with a bang. 21 new MMOG related articles have been posted since the last Loading...

The big news however is that Lord of the Rings fans asked for a database. Our technical team has answered with the beta version of our LotRO DB. Here is the scoop:

"The wizards of Ten Ton Hammer have plied their technical craft and successfully melded the Lord of the Rings Online Lorebook with the Ten Ton Hammer community to conjure a database, now in public beta testing.

Ten Ton Hammer launched its Lord of the Rings Online database, a tool that works in conjunction with the Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar Lorebook. As with any database, users are able to browse through or search for items and quests. Their wandering or deliberate searching will lead them to the Official Lorebook. From there, Ten Ton Hammer brings in an important component--interactivity. Community members can add comments and descriptions, or even create guides to help their fellow gamers find a certain item or complete an intricate quest.

Want to find an item or quest? Or are you waiting to share your LOTRO expertise with the Ten Ton Hammer community? Then head on over to the Ten Ton Hammer Lord of the Rings Online Database."

I haven't had time to play anything since my trip to BlizzCON and LotRO had taken a backburner to games I was writing about. I'd love to get some feedback (critical is always welcome) on the new Lord of the Rings database. Integrating it with the Official Lorebook wasn't an especially easy task and I know the technical team would love suggestions to make the service better.

Brian "Psychochild" Green has posted an excellent bit about the announcement of the hero class in World of Warcraft. I agree with most of what Brian has to say (as is usually the case), but I was especially tickled to see him touch on the area of "community site". A community site is not a fan site. A community site is run by professionals who not only understand the game, but the people who play it. Without a well planned and run community site a game is doing its players a disservice. Check out Brian's blog here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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