The news cycle this week was spinning with tales of corporate mergers,
CEO departures and lawsuits both settled and filed. Ten Ton Hammer is
beginning to look as much like The Wall Street Journal as it does a
gaming site. While the reality is that gaming is a business, and a big
one at that, it seems like the more that companies focus on the bottom
line the less they focus on fun. Join Jason “Medawky” Bolton as he
delves into the conundrum this week in Microcosms – Business or
Pleasure: Gaming vs.Corporate Culture.

It is hardly a surprise that gaming has become big business, technology
has advanced and allowed the products of our endless imaginations to be
brought to life like never before. Our busy lives have become more and
more stressful and less full of recreational time; vacations are
shrinking while our workload grows. With so many of us forced to look
for less traditional forms of escape from our everyday woes, it’s no
wonder that video games have been able to establish themselves as the
preferred past time of so many people.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016