The first major content update to Allods
added more than just new areas, quests and monsters;
it also brought some very specific changes made only for the North
American Market. Jason “Medawky” Bolton sat down with Darren Allarde
and Krystin DeHaven from Gala-Net to tour the new content, and to get
the skinny on the effect of these new changes. Join us this week to
find out the community’s reaction and to get the lowdown on what to
expect as you make your way to the href=""
target="_blank">Mysterious Island of Gipat.
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The environments were
spectacular, the enemies challenging and the quests varied and fun, but
none of those elements were what impressed me. To truly understand the
magnitude of what I experienced you need a little background. These
press tours we go on are fairly commonplace and we usually get treated
to the glitziest and best aspects of the content, with carefully
constructed dialogue that puts everything in the best light possible.
What made this particular event memorable and unusual was the amount of
candor on the part of Darren Allarde. It was easy to be impressed by
the press release two weeks ago that portrayed him as a man of the
people, taking a hands on approach with players and going the extra
mile, and I would expect nothing less of a well constructed PR piece.
But to actually hear the passion in his voice and know the level of
dedication that exists with Mr. Allarde and with every member of his
team is another thing entirely.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016