So if you're ever in a situation where a family member can't check their email, those classes are usually free and really great social events as well. 

Back to my point, I was an early adopter of the T-Mobile G1, the very first Android Smartphone, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S. I owned an iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and then when it came time for the six, I said no thank you. I downgraded from the Samsung Galaxy S to the iPhone 4 to enter into the iPhone "ecosystem." Everyone had one, I wanted to switch to a new carrier, and I was okay with it. 

Which was going great for me, until I got tired of buying new ones and signing long-term contracts to afford the phone upgrades, in addition to paying a premium to upgrade when a new one came out, which you have to have when it comes to iPhones because they're so far behind the times. 

That's why I said I'm done. I use primarily Microsoft products. I write in Word, I use OneNote a ton, I do all of my scheduling through Outlook, and my life is powered literally by Microsoft. However, on iOS, I tried so hard to get into Pages and other mac related software but I don't have a mac. To edit on the PC, I have to use a web editor that isn't up to my standards, and everything becomes so complicated. 

So I said that's it. My contract is up, the other lines on my plan can pay themselves off with ease, and it's time to go contract free and try something that isn't Android or iOS, to try something that most would consider a great evil - Microsoft Windows 8.1 for a phone, and I am so surprised with how happy I am. 

Not because it's Windows, nay, but because I'm free from contracts and expensive plans to have a piece of metal in my hand that does so much less than a phone I bought years ago could do. The Samsung Vibrant / Galaxy S is almost as powerful as an iPhone 5s, yet, they were released over three years apart. It's just not my thing anymore - I just can't care about the new iPhone and attempting to stay within the ecosystem and have a phone that's on par with everyone else. 

It's not even the specs, it's that price, that throws me. Right? So, anyway, in this magical journey, I found a phone that was just $150, the Blu Win HD. I bought a temporary Lumia 520, just to hold me over until it arrived, because my contract was up and I was ready to go, and phone unlocks can take a week and I'm honestly done with my iPhone. So, it gets here and I'm just blown away. 

It's bigger, just as powerful, and best of all fully mine. There is no two year leash around my neck and the Windows 8.1 that came on it is just the exact operating system that I, myself, need. I can look at all of the various things I'm writing now while I'm away from the computer within a few clicks, in a native app that doesn't have weird sync issues. I have a huge screen. I have enough power and enough screen resolution to look at the weather and text. What more could I want? 

Right, this is for a phone that is shunned by phone-philes, however you would spell it. I've read reviews, all of which were mostly positive, but a lot of big time reviewers sort of discard it, because it's not a flagship of a big brand. 

Here's a news flash - brands don't matter and this is coming from a brand whore. No one cares anymore what's in your hand, because all phones, no matter the price, all look and operate the same these days and come at $199 or less on contract. You don't have some big bold statement with the latest Nexus, you don't make a big bold statement with the latest iPhone, you either talk about your phone and have everyone want to ignore you for being that guy, or your phone is your own little personal island of personality in the world. No one is going to think you're hip because you have an iPhone 6. 

Don't ever let big corporations push you around into something because of branding. The same is true with MMOs. WoW is the biggest, but does that make it the best? For me, maybe, but for you? Maybe not. Don't just assume because everyone plays it, it's just that. You could be trapped not being happy, which let me tell you, this phone that I have in my hand, puts the world's biggest smile on my face. 

So yeah, I'm the proud owner of a Windows phone, a budget Windows phone with no contracts and the ability to switch carriers when I please. I don't hate Android, I'm just not that big of a fan of the OS diversity, and I don't hate iOS, it does what it does beautifully, but I really feel like you need a Mac to get the most out of it. 

So that's all I wanted to say today, not much about MMOs, but plenty to think on I hope. See you guys tomorrow. 

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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