The World Cup begins in 10 days. For football (soccer here in North America) fans the world literally stops spinning on its axis for a month. It happens every four years and I am led to believe that there is no coincidence between this and the need for a leap-year, also every four years. Any sport that can fire off the headline, "Pekerman's Messi Dilemma" can't be that bad, now can it?

To make the claim that soccer is like a religion isn't much of a stretch. Those that have "faith" are unshakeable in their belief that soccer is truly the beautiful game. Those that don't enjoy the sport would rather watch paint dry in a filled to the rim port-o-potty that has been left out in the desert for a month...or two. Oh, and "Go England!" It's England versus Hungary today in a pre-World Cup friendly match. I'm "hungry" for a win.
A pal of mine sent me a link to If Tech Companies Made Sudoku. I'm proud to let it be known that I have never played Sudoku. My ignorance of what the game is all about is only marginally larger than my aversion to yet another game with a wonky name. I await Katamari Sudoku featuring the Dead or Alive volleyball girls and music from an elevator near you played by Jax and Daxter.

What impresses me about Sudoku, even though I have no inclination to play it, is that a simple game can provide profuse quantities of entertainment to so many people. The last game that fit into that category for me was Lumines for the PSP. Oh, the PSP...remember it?
Thanks to Elizabeth for informing me that MMOG Chart has been updated. The Age of Warcraft indeed. It is especially interesting to see that Lineage and Lineage II which were pretenders to the throne have declined dramatically. Like a runaway go-kart the niche games are eating up their portions of the pie. EVE Online cheerleaders are warping in from 0.1 space to preach the cause. Toontown characters, and make no mistake you need to be a character to play this game, are yukking it up to the tune (get it...tune/toon) of 100,000 monthly subscriptions.

Final Fantasy XI, affectionately known as "Group or Go Home" is climbing, but not as quickly as the java-based abomination known as Runescape which now has 675,000 subscribers making it the fourth largest MMOG on the planet.

Which games, released or in development do you see climbing the charts? Is there anything on the horizon that can put a dent in the World of Warcraft juggernaut?

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Vin Diesel Fact of the Day - Vin Diesel voted for Roslin.
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