Keeping up to date on this industry is a living, screaming nightmare. There are dozens of games with dozens of stories, each of which changes on at longest a monthly and often weekly basis. Each game has dozens of developers and public relations staff who are trying to get the word out, but often what one tells us isn't quite the same as what another informed us about in the not too distant past.

Thanks goodness our network is fortunate enough to have a King's ransom in quality editors, many of which write their own blogs, kind of like the one you are reading now. There is simply no means to keep up with this industry without a knowledgeable, inebriated staff. Let me introduce you to a few of our intrepid staff.

  • Jeff Woleslagle, who many of you know as our rodeo clown jots down his thoughts in Ganked when time permits. Jeff is a busy guy and spends more of his time writing articles of value, rather than the kind of tripe that I put out, but we'll keep him around anyway, even if he is pushing the quality meter a little to high for my liking.
  • Byron "Messiah" Mudry is responsible for Digital Haven, a World of Warcraft focused blog. He also uses a Mac. Need I say more?
  • Coyote Sharptongue is the author of what might be the funniest blog you are likely to read. I mean this with all my two-sizes-too-small heart. If I could write like this guy I'd be carving my way onto the comedy network and kicking Ben Stiller in the nads. Don't let the blog title fool you, Not funny...ever is guaranteed to make you laugh and also proves that blogs with titles that contain "..." are golden.
  • Nicole "Awensomethingorother" Hamlett puts her meandering and malicious thoughts to type in On A Side Note. She is also our resident schmoozer of industry personalities so go post something in her comments and give a fake name like Richard Garriott, Raph Koster or Benny Hill.

Our other staffers aren't the blogging type, or at least they haven't been since we locked them up and forced them to play EQ1 again. It is even rumoured that one of them, Thurston "Ratboy" Hillman has been yiffing rather than blogging. He is our Warhammer Online community manager, so I can only assume he will play a Skaven (race of rats) when the game ships.

What other gaming blogs do you read? How do you find the time???

Post a comment at the bottom of this blog. If you are shy (or female and sending in naughty pictures) you can E-Mail me.
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Let us entertain you or at the very least waste some of your time at work.08.23.2006 Exclusive Content
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online: Instanced Game Play - Right or Wrong For MMOGs?
    "As we move through DDO Quest Week here at Ten Ton Hammer, we want to take the time to discuss the fully instanced nature of quests in DDO. We'd like to know if you think 100% instanced game play is right or wrong for MMOGs. We share our thoughts to get you started."
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online: Quest For The Ancient Daggers and Dalsamira's Request
    "Prepare yourself adventurers! We've got two more quest guides that continue the theme of "Back to School" for DDO Quest Week at Ten Ton Hammer. These guides will help your fledgling character through some of the early quests in Stormreach Harbor. So roll a new character and click on our quest guides to help you achieve favor with all of the patrons in Stormreach."
  • EverQuest 2: Guide To Freeport Betrayal
    "Tired of the dark and depressing city of Freeport? Feeling as though that darned Overlord is getting a lil too bossy? Then betray! You need not be bound to the horrid place any longer, for Savanja is here to walk you through the process of burning those Freeport bridges and moving on to the greener pastures of Qeynos!"
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea: Interview With Taylor Daynes
    "Several members of the Flying Lab Software team are planning to avast development on Pirates of the Burning Sea and head to Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle this weekend, where Burning Sea, so long a deep-in-development corner dweller at the big conventions, will announce a release date and make its maiden voyage as a belle of the expo ball. Lead Designer Taylor Daynes sailed in for an entertaining pre-PAX Q&A about the dev team's recent progress with this highly anticipated buccaneer beauty of an MMORPG. "
  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Be A Good Grouper...Get Good Groups
    "When Vanguard: Saga of Heroes launches some time this winter, some of us will have guilds that migrate over from other games, or friends that we intend to play with; but there will be plenty of others entering the game on their own. How do you succeed in an online game without a guild or a perma-group? You win friends and influence people. The friendly (and arguably influential) Shayalyn offers her guide to being a good grouper. Have you got what it takes?"
  • World of Warcraft: Basic Training - Does WoW Offer Enough?
    "Our editorial theme this week is "back to school", and WoW @ Ten Ton Hammer staffer Greg "Doogmeister" Wood weighs in with a critical look at how Blizzard treats new World of Warcraft players. Are tutorial pop-ups and "breadcrumbing" quests enough, or is there room for improvement? "

Vin Diesel Fact of the Day - Vin Diesel was the reporter who broke the story of the "Big Bang" for CNN.
Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up. [Thanks Matt for the headlines today!]

As always, thanks for visiting,
-- John "Boomjack" Hoskin

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