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Short and sweet today!

Personal loot in Warlords of Draenor seemed like a great idea.  I personally loved it!  BUT…Blizzard has removed it and gone back to the “Need Before Greed” system or as I affectionately refer to it the “Everyone Needs Everything So They Can Sell It” system.

For those that have no idea what I’m talking about.

Rather than having players roll dice to see who wins loot dropped by a boss each player under the Personal Loot system had an independent chance to win an item.   You didn’t compete directly against other players for loot.  You also received something appropriate to your spec (or the spec that you had chosen via your portrait in the UI)

Here is what we have gone back to…

Case in point. 

Boss dies, two items drop, Player A “ Needs” on both and then tells the group he doesn’t need them, but “26 gold is 26 gold man!”

My best guess is that players were gearing up too quickly under the Personal Loot system.   If that is the case then why not just lower the chance to win an item?

Need before Greed does nothing more than cause frustration and anger in the community.  

Seriously Blizzard, reconsider this change.

Which system do you prefer WoW players?


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Vin Diesel Fact:  Vin Diesel can put a broken pane of glass back together.

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