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“I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.” – Steven Wright


I was once again mail-bombed with answers to a Reloading… question.    What intellectual properties would you like to see made into massively multiplayer games?  

“The first and most obvious choice for me would be Baldur's Gate of course.  A permanent complex world where you can choose to do whatewer you want, as long as you get the backbone to stand for it (and the raw power/money to afford it)” – Maen

A great choice and I suppose to some extent a sentimental choice of many gamers, especially DnD fans.   It still doesn’t make my personal Top 5 list, but if you loved the originals then you would love to relive those times in a modern era MMOG.

“Love reloading... and I have an idea for a great intellectual property for an mmo. The Jim butcher dresden files would make an outstanding mmo. Urban fantasy would lend to a huge variety of classes and races. Setting would be phenomenal, with any major city available. Expansions would be fun and varied. And you have a large array of heroic figures to provide lore and storyline.” – Dave

Again, a good choice, but one I’m not incredibly familiar with.   Being a private investigator who also happens to be a wizard would be cool though.   Harry Dresden is essentially a cooler, older Harry Potter who protects the ignorant masses from the magic that they cannot see.   Did I get that right?  Little known fact, Jim Butcher, the author of the The Dresden Files novels was originally going to call them “Semiautomagic”.    Consider that name stolen for my next mage character.

I continue to receive responses from players regarding the real money trading being implemented in Diablo III.

“I think as you do, get rid of them.  It takes away from the game and personally, I have never even done any of that.  Why should I pay to play a game and then have to pay some more for in game items with my real money,  That would be ridiculous.” – Drygonfli


“Personally, I like RMT. My time is precious, and literally the cost of my time to grind that one extra level or item costs 10x more than it would for me to just shell it out in real money. So, from my standpoint it's a win-win: I get to pay a little out of pocket so that I can stay up to speed with my buddies who have way more time than me, and Blizzard makes a little off of it.” – Jason

This is one of the few instances where it makes sense for me.   In my case, it would be to get my son, wife, daughter’s characters up to my level so we could do dungeons, raid, etc.   On the flip side, how many players are going to get booted from a raid because they haven’t bought the latest and greatest sword of magnificent fury?

“I play on average 25 hours a week, mainly in Guild runs and to see people who are geared higher than me, but can’t flipping play worth a damn pisses me off.   A number of the raid leads only look at GS to decide who goes on runs.” – Lyle

PlayerScore (used to be GearScore) has changed a lot.  Now your raid leaders can see that you are properly enchanted, gemmed and actually wearing gear appropriate to your spec.  They can also see your raid history.   If they and you aren’t using the PlayerScore addon then they are missing out.   PlayerScore and Deadly Boss Mods should be required on every raiding account.

Reloading… spiralled off the track into a mail-bag session today.   It’s great to see so many players sending in their opinions.   If you have time, share your thoughts on the website as well, so others can chime in.  

Reloading Website

If you have a topic that you would like covered in this column please send it in.  I have a few that I am working away on, but none are yet close to completion.   The more ideas, the merrier!


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