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Everyone can use a feel good moment to start the day.   Let’s go with this…


Blizzard has trademarked “Mists of Pandaria”. Our good man David wonders if a booze-swilling panda-monk expansion is on its way to World of Warcraft.


For those of you using PlayerScore (and you do use PlayerScore right?) Blizzard has changed the way that we retrieve information about your characters, so expect some glitches over the next few days/weeks until they sort everything out. 


With Star Wars The Old Republic, TERA and now Firefall all scheduled to release in Q4 the MMOG niche is finally getting some new blood.  No offense Rift, but you had to go it alone for a while there.    Will Sweater (SWTOR) and company be good enough to keep our interest? I certainly hope so, but just in case, here are 5 intellectual properties that should any of them come to reality, would make excellent MMORPGs.


5.  Halo

A tried and true game with plenty of lore and an iconic figurehead is a recipe for success.   The fact that it is set in space gives incredible leeway in storyline.  We could use a good MMOFPS and Halo certainly fits the bill.


4.  The Elder Scrolls

Is there anyone who has played through this series and not enjoyed it?  We would have to give up some of the graphical eye-candy to experience this as a MMOG, but I’d be willing!


3.  Malazan Book of the Fallen

Erikson’s work is perhaps second only to that of Tolkien in its epic scope.   From the Malazan marines to the T’lan Imass (undead who can move as dust), to the Elient (Dragons) to the elegant magic system this universe, built from the ground up as a role-playing game and morphing into one of the best fantasy series that you could lay your hands on this is AAA material.   The biggest problem would be deciding which races to make playable as so many of them are intriguing. 


2.  Stargate

I was desperately disappointed when Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment had to pull the plug on this project.  The universe of Stargate is literally limitless and with the ability to simply “gate” to any new area the development ideas were limitless as well.   I hope that one day, this IP finds its way back into a developer’s hands. 


1.      Warhammer 40K

The IP that most of Starcraft was lifted from.  Over 25 years of lore, love, sweat and tears have been built into this franchise.   Anyone who has played the tabletop game can tell you that the amount of background on each race and many times on individuals within the universe is staggering.    Yes, it’s is in development now, and yes my fingers are crossed that it is delivered as a quality product.  


What intellectual properties would you like to see made into MMOGs?


As always, you can contact me a number of ways:

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  • Telepathy (Just make sure it’s during business hours.  I hate to be woken by this stuff)

Until we meet again,

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Victory is (Almost) Certain...

Scientists can train chickens to repeatedly press levers to get their feed, but it's the middle of summer and we can't seem to train our premium members to take a few minutes to submit their screenshots and captions to Cheap Shots despite great little rewards and the promise of one Really Big Prize.

The fact that we can't get you to bring teh funneh is not-so-great for us (because we like funneh), but it's GREAT NEWS for you, premium members. There's NO COMPETITION in our Cheap Shots Forum right now, and that means all you have to do is find a screenshot, think up a funny caption (you don't even have to add the caption to the image; we'll do that for you), and post to be (almost) assured a prize ($15 to spend on a month's subscription or games) and an entry in our big annual drawing for gaming hardware.

You have at least a 1 in 52 chance (and those who win Cheap Shots multiple times have even better odds) of winning something big. What are you waiting for? Comb your screenshot archives and get clever, then post your entry.

PlayerScore 4.9.00 Released!

PlayerScore 4.9.00 is now available for download! This new version features the restoration of the database mode and several other feature:

To view the database, simply install PlayerScore 4.9.00 and choose “View Database” from the WoW minimap icon. Once you’re in the database you can click the headers to sort by that type, or change the page. You can also choose to view data for your current group, your guild, or everyone you’ve met!

If you use the PlayerScore updater, you can pre-download most of the scores for your server. This has the added benifit of adding tooltips to your chat window. Mouse over players to see information about them.

Download PlayerScore 4.9.00 here!
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Bruce Campbell Fact of the Day

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