The World of Warcraft 1.12 patch is now out. Numerous changes including inter-realm battlegrounds will become reality when the servers come back up. Other changes include, World PvP, Honorable Kills will now diminish at a rate of 10% per kill rather than 25%.. Rogues receive their talent revamp and will get a free respec.

You can grab the patch via the Patch Mirror. The official WoW forums are down, so feel free to let your friends and family know that we have the patch up for them.

The patch notes are posted on our World of Warcraft Community site.

It will be interesting to see how battlegrounds play out. The battlegroups didn't appear to take into account the age of the servers. Launch servers are in the same battlegroups as some brand new servers. I guess the level 19 twinks will be in heaven.

Yesterday I wrote, "My Internet connection woes seem to be behind me. I'd knock on something, but it's a wireless connection. Knock on air I suppose? "

Apparently knocking on air doesn't work. In fact, it has the opposite effect. My wireless Internet connection is once again heavy on the "less". I did get to spend approximately 30 minutes perusing the message forum for the WoW server that I play on. Drama abounds.

As I play more MMOGs I find that my "Ignore" list grows larger with each game that I try. Assuredly, one factor is that I'm getting older. I don't have a need to listen to people beat their chests and I have even less need to beat my chest in return. The conversations that go on in MMOG general chat channels carry an uncanny resemblance to conversations in real life. The difference is that everyone is anonymous, though they all remain experts regarding every field of human knowledge. One must wonder why they spend countless hours quibbling over minutiae in a virtual chat channel when they could be discovering a cure for cancer, or more importantly mewling about the latest patch changes.

Even the spouting off in the message forums borders on the ridiculous. Granted I spend more time in WoW related boards than any other game and the WoW community is most certainly home to the highest jackass to human being ratio, but still, on the surface it would appear that 97% of all forum users are either autistic, incapable of empathy or both. At least half of the people who post in the general chat channel or what is now called, "LookingForGroup" seem completely unaware that life exists outside the tiny sphere between their keyboard, their cheetos bag and the 2L Coke bottles that litters their desk.

I'm not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, but if I were of that persuasion I would be stunned and appalled by the chat in WoW. "That's gay" or "You're a fag" are comments heard literally hundreds of times a day in WoW general chat. Maybe 40 years ago, or even 20 years ago someone's sexual preference was something that you could wrap a stinging insult around, but that isn't the case today. What's next? Will they start insultng my mother's fidelity? Was the mailmain my dad? Why not some other profession that we no longer have? Maybe I'm a cobbler's son? Can you see it coming.... "You're father's a ditch digger and your mother works outside the home!"

The next thing you know, they'll make Taurens ride at the back of the bus.

Is your MMOG filled with homophobic miscreants or is WoW the cesspool of choice?

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