On a whim, I fired up a character on a roleplay or RP server in World of Warcraft. I'm not a roleplayer. I don't see the joy in it though I appreciate that others do. I've always wondered if was my genetic makeup or if roleplaying was simply a fringe aspect of MMOGs. My experience went something like this;

I created an undead priest since I could speak without attempting to infuse a Jamaican accent. It also meant that I wasn't forced to speak like I had only eight firing neurons left in my decomposing brain.

Character created I promptly walked up to the first player I could find and introduced myself.

Boomjack: Boomjack at your service. Purveyor of fine healing and first aid. Some call me a body cobbler, nailing and stitching until my patients are as good as the day I dug them out of their graves. Untiring and relentless, perserverence is Boomjack's closest cousin.

Vargron: I don't group at low levels.

Boomjack: Shall we at least walk together then, for safety as we visit the formidable personages in the village ahead?
Vargron runs away.

Boomjack, astute and expedious had already turned on auto-follow and hence stuck like Kirstie Alley to a donut followed Vargron to the village.

Boomjack: Ah, you have a private matter to deal with. Nonetheless, Boomjack is wise. Wise enough to remain hidden when stealth is paramount, yet wiser still to appear when he is most required. Wisdom is afterall, Boomjack's sister.

Vargron makes a rude gesture at Boomjack.

Boomjack: It appears that even Boomjack's mere presence exudes a cornucopia of wisdom in others. I shall discontinue accompanying you at such close range. Empathy has long been Boomjack's mistress.

Vargron runs away.

Boomjack carries on witty banter with the local NPCs awaiting the arrival of a roleplayer with which to interact, converse and socialize.

Ten minutes of speaking to NPCs, introductions to various players and excessive emoting resulted Boomjack acting as the receiving end of more rude gestures than Mel Gibson at a Jewish fundraiser.

I'll try again tonight and report back. Sentinels servers....I'm coming for you!

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