Just when you thought the Goons couldn't get any worse, they go and
post porn. Not real porn, mind you, but style="font-style: italic;">EVE Online "chat
porn" that typically features long-winded forum posts or in-game rants
by opposition leaders. Thanks to the ingenuity of the Goonswarm spies,
they've collected a large number of these porn posts, and the Mittani
recollects a few of them for us in his latest edition of "Sins of a
Solar Spymaster."

Espionage in EVE is typically done to provide
strategic intelligence to
an alliance's leadership or for raw profit. But that's not entertaining
enough for the GIA. Not only do our agents serve an intelligence
function, but they also keep an ear to the ground to acquire the finest
'chat porn' - the posts of our enemies, wailing and gnashing their
teeth in the face of our war machine. Over the years, we've collected
an inordinate amount of chat porn. Some of it is fairly mundane - the
bromides and rationalizations people typically ward themselves with to
cope with defeat. But every now and then, truly exceptional examples
crop up. For your sadistic enjoyment, they are reprised here: the
Archive of Tears. If you're not a griefer at heart, you might want to
stop reading; This isn't pretty.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016