EVE Online has always been an intriguing game with spy-based espionage and tactical planning. But the spy game of EVE has changed a lot since Dominion, something The Mittani notes in his latest feature, Sins of a Solar Spymaster #44 - Expression, Espionage, and Dominion. Join The Mittani and find out just how much the spy game has changed and what the role of a spy is now.

In EVE, we are confronted with the expression game every time an agent forwards a piece of information about an alliance-level plan or operation. Gladwell points out that in the real world, critics can make the case that the expression game renders espionage itself almost pointless, if not a deadly waste of life (an argument with some teeth, for those who've read Legacy of Ashes or The Sword and the Shield) Yet in the context of an online spaceship game where no one can really get hurt, the endless twists of the expression game - trying to parse the intentions of your foe, navigating blinds, double-blinds, and one's own illusions thereof - is one of the most rare and satisfying types of gameplay available. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016