Alliances are a volatile thing in EVE Online and often times it doesn't take a lot to set a chain of events into motion that spiral out of control. Goonswarm is notorious for creating conflict, so when Tau Ceti Federation announced that Goonswarm would be assuming stewardship of Deklein, it led to some entertaining conflict. But with all the chaos erupting from the Deklein Coalition, OWN Alliance alone stood out as something novel. Join The Mittani as he spins a tale of drama, chaos and madness in Sins of a Solar Spymaster #54 -The Madness of OWN.

Even before Goonswarm arrived on the scene, OWN had a risky profile. The alliance had already been disbanded by TCF once before due to poor performance, yet had been allowed to reconstitute itself under the same leadership team. The culture which these leaders fostered was remarkably similar to an EVE version of a 'hermit kingdom'. Questioning the alliance direction or policy was forbidden, often resulting in expulsion for being a 'spy'. The use of forums was eschewed; not only did OWN membership not use their own forum to communicate with one another or bond, but reading news sites or commenting about events in the world of EVE was looked down upon.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016