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1. Daily Column

Creativity under pressure. I have approximately 30-35 minutes to crank out this column each morning. Those of you who have been kind enough to write me and tell me that I, and I paraphrase loosely, "suck lately" are correct. You win... nothing!

Cripes, if you were looking for quality you came to the wrong place. Go visit Coyote or Cody. To the other 30 people reading this blog right now (or so my Users Online tells me) stick around and I'll attempt to entertain you!


We are still looking for a few more "cartoonist" resumes. We have some great candidates, but I'd like to look at work from at least 10 people before we hire someone. That's right...HIRE as in pay you to turn my nonsensical ramblings into cartoons. I'll provide the humour and you provide the art. Resumes go here.


Our stance against gold farming shouldn't be a secret to anyone. I'd like to write that I feel sorry for the Chinese gold farmers, but I don't feel sorry for them any more than I feel sorry for anyone else who dislikes their job.

In their case I just happen to dislike their job as well. They are right up there on the career ladder, one rung ahead of telemarketers who call me at dinner time. I can at least ask telemarketers silly questions, put them on hold and generally annoy them as much as they annoy me. [Like this] I can't do that with gold farmers.

Julian Dibbell, the author of "Play Money: Or How I Quit My Day Job and Made Millions Trading Virtual Loot" has apparently lost his millions because he is now submitting articles to the N.Y. Times. His article titled, "The Life of a Chinese Gold Farmer". Here is a snippet,

"For every 100 gold coins he gathers, Li makes 10 yuan, or about $1.25, earning an effective wage of 30 cents an hour, more or less. The boss, in turn, receives $3 or more when he sells those same coins to an online retailer, who will sell them to the final customer (an American or European player) for as much as $20. The small commercial space Li and his colleagues work in — two rooms, one for the workers and another for the supervisor — along with a rudimentary workers’ dorm, a half-hour’s bus ride away, are the entire physical plant of this modest $80,000-a-year business. It is estimated that there are thousands of businesses like it all over China, neither owned nor operated by the game companies from which they make their money. Collectively they employ an estimated 100,000 workers, who produce the bulk of all the goods in what has become a $1.8 billion worldwide trade in virtual items. The polite name for these operations is youxi gongzuoshi, or gaming workshops, but to gamers throughout the world, they are better known as gold farms. While the Internet has produced some strange new job descriptions over the years, it is hard to think of any more surreal than that of the Chinese gold farmer."

What these "farmers" make an hour is really irrelevant. What they can buy with the money they earn in an hour is all that matters and last time I checked they could clear out a shelf in a Buck Or Two store with a day's worth of wages.

Anyway, read the article. You might need to register. I take no responsibility for the millions of NY Times spam you will receive regarding mutual funds because you read a story about people who make $0.30 an hour.


Raph posted his "Vision Doc" so that would-be developers like some of you could see what needs to be dreamed up before you go running off to make the next big MMOG. Check it out here.

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