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ComicCON is on!

The lads were out looking for games that had the word "hammer" in them and lo and behold.... Warhammer Online appeared like a safe harbour in a storm.

Garrett Fuller took some time to talk to an Orc and it wasn't even Jack Thompson. He hooked up with Murgash the Choppa to walk through a Warhammer Online quest. Question for those of you that are Warhammer fans from the tabletop days. If "red goes fasta!" then do the orcs weapons swing faster when they get bloodied?

Cody Bye interviewed Lance Robertson, or rather Lance pointed him the right direction as he wandered through the Warhammer world. Those of you with no prior experience with Warhammer Fantasy should be pleasantly surprised at the amount of humour in the game. Make no mistake, the Warhammer universes are dark places, but humour is everywhere. Take a minute to read Cody's interview and you will see what I mean. Prepare to Plink!

Last but certainly not least, Garrett makes his TenTonHammer video debut as he interviews Lance Robertson amidst the crowds of costumed pop-culture fans. Among other topics they touch upon sieges, sacking, looting and pillaging cities. Four of your favourite things.

If only I were there to watch Phil Comeau yell, "Waaaaaaaaaaagh!" as he roamed through the crowds.


My gift to you today is a link to an article on Gamasutra called, "The Chemistry of Game Design". If you have never worked in a game development environment you may need to reread a few parts to get the gist of some of the concepts, but it is a bang on piece of writing. If you are one of the forum trolls that constantly complains that developers don't know what they are doing, then read this article, please, for the sake of us all.

I think Scott Jennings said it best, "Design in the absence of any technical limitations is cool! Also, we should have ponies."

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