Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, John Layman, and so many others have worked on some of the most popular titles in history such as Batman, Superman, and Spawn. What kind of changes will these industry titans bring to the industry through their comic experience? Having the potential to mix two beautiful genres of geek together, we take a look at how comics differ from games and what these folks will bring to the table.

Another important aspect rarely discussed in game production is art style, and if you doubt me, try and remember the last art director interview you read. Videogames are very visual in nature, but comic books depend so heavily on art that we can expect a great attention to detail. More vibrant colors and radical designs might be in our future, even going beyond the world of City of Heroes. This isn't to say you will see "POW!" and "BLAM" above your characters head during a fight, but it will be noticeable. You can't expect people who drew Batman and Spawn to be satisfied with the textures of World of Warcraft or the realistic beauty of Age of Conan can you? Look for a step away from the norm with folks like McFarlane and Lee calling some of the shots.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016