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I know how Gilligan felt. My three-hour drive to the airport took six hours...and a bit. You see, some genius thought it would be a brilliant idea to walk down Canada's busiest highway . He was duly run over by a tractor trailer, the driver of which thought he had hit a deer and called in the accident to the police without stopping to see that he had in fact made road-kill out of aforementioned genius. Our Wile E. Coyote impersonator was hit 11 hours earlier, yet the entire westbound highway was still closed. Having sat still, vehicle turned off, on the asphalt for a couple of hours I was thrilled when the highway finally opened. It was mere minutes before drivers who had waited for hours, but couldn't wait another minute had to careen into each other in their zeal to be first to their destination and....you got it... lanes closed because of an accident. In the end I made it and I'm waiting here trying to figure out how to open a flashdrive package. I'm going to the airport so I don't have anything remotely sharp enough to open this damned plastic case. Road rage, bah. Package rage is the new cool indignation.

My home to Toronto to Philadelphia to Berlin to Frankfurt to Leipzig only takes 18 hours. I'm confident we could land a person on the moon in less than that. Does anyone know for sure? I'd look it up, but facts don't like to visit this column.

Expect some primo content from Leipzig. Jeff, Cody, Phil and Garrett will be up all day and night to get the goods to you. I'll be sleeping on their behalf. Loading... may be late, early or miss a day due to flights, weather or events beyond my control.

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